Katrina and Sugar the Bunny

My niece Katrina was promised a bunny for a pet when she turned 10. This summer her promise was fulfilled. And instead of only one bunny they got two bunnies. Sugar, is Katrina’s bunny and Honey, is being shared by Kristin and Jordan.

bunny on a leash

During the last two years of waiting for her wish to have a bunny, Katrina got an assortment of bunny books from the library so she would know how to take care of her bunny. While reading about bunnies she found out that you can get a leash for your bunny. In the photo above, Sugar is wearing the bunny leash. And getting a collar/leash on a bunny who isn’t used to being held is quite a chore. My niece Kristin managed to get the leash on but it didn’t stay on for too long since the leash size is a little large for the bunnies right now.

Sugar and Honey the bunnies

Here, the bunny sisters are in their cage eating at their dish.

Sugar and Honey the bunnies

Aren’t they cute?

the bunny hutch

And here’s the nice bunny hutch that my sister found offered for free on Craig’s list.

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2 Responses to Awwww…bunnies!!!

  1. Angela says:

    Those bunnies are so adorable! Makes me want a bunny, too.

    Sounds like your little niece is going to be a good bunny mom 🙂

  2. alexclark says:

    How cute!

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