My nephew Andrew is in the "hood"!

Andrew in his hood

Yes, I am one of those proud aunts who love to share pics and stories about her nieces and nephews. This last week I spent some time with my nephew, Andrew. He is one of the happiest babies you could ever meet.

Andrew in backyard

One day I spent some time with Andrew in the backyard. He was touching a planter base with dried dirt on it. Whenever he touched it, I would say, “dirrrty, that’s dirrrty!” and he would smile and laugh like in the photo above.

Andrew gardening

Then it was off to do some gardening in my niece Kristin’s pumpkin patch.

Andrew at picnic table

He loves to play with water, so I filled a couple of bottles from the table with water. He was fascinated with it. I enjoyed sitting there watching my nephew explore and play.

Andrew at picnic table

My nephew looked so cute and tiny sitting at the picnic table.

Andrew behind railing

Here’s Andrew behind the railing on the kids’ fort.

The other day I was feeding Andrew some lunch after I took him for a walk in his stroller. As he was eating he started to fall asleep. He had a mouthful of rice with his eyes closed, so I was going to stop feeding him. Then he kinda woke up and said, “Mo, mo,” Andrew speak for “more.” I gave him some small pieces of chicken and he started to put them in his mouth with his eyes closed. I walked away from his high chair and by the time I walked back, he was sleeping leaning against the side of his high chair. He looked so cute, I almost took a picture but decided not to so I could get him down for his afternoon nap ASAP. Later, he woke up from his nap all smiles and he was trying to play peek-a-boo with his blankie while in his crib. Too bad my sis and the kids didn’t live closer. Then I could have more of these priceless moments with Andrew before he’s older. And of course I could have more time to spend with my other nephew and two nieces as well.

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