Nature Trek, 20 miles round trip, part 1

We’ve been planning on taking a trip into town from the nature trail for a month. And finally the day arrived this last Saturday. Thankfully the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and nice sunshine with a light wind to keep us cool in the sunlight.

Hannah on fifth bridge

The photo above is my bike trekking friend, Hannah. She is standing on the fifth bridge on the trail to Fondy.

marshy marsh

Some marshy, marsh vegetation. It was relaxing watching the tall grasses sway in the breeze. They looked like waves rolling on water, it was very mesmerizing. I could’ve watched them for hours.

Christine on fifth bridge

Here I am on the fifth bridge.

marsh berries

Some marsh berries!!!

Hannah cycling in Target parking lot

Hannah cycling to the finish line, the parking lot at Target.

Just before arriving at Target, while still on the trail, we heard the noon whistle blow. It took us approximately an hour to ride 10 miles into town. Since we had a delicious breakfast of creamy scrambled eggs with chives and a slice of toast with a glass of grape juice, we weren’t very hungry at noon. Plus, we didn’t want to be rushed to make it to the movie on time, so we waited until after the movie to eat lunch. The night before I made some yummy trail mix bars from a cookbook I recently bought. We packed the bars along with some water, dried apricots and last but not least some M & M’s as our nature trail nourishment. To curb our hunger while at the movie we ate the trail mix bars and some apricots.

Hannah in front of Target

Hannah in front of Target

We parked our bikes in front of Target while we went to see a movie and go out to eat. We had a little time before heading to the movie, so we stopped to window shop at Pier One Imports. We seriously could only strictly window shop since we could not tote any wares home on our bikes. A great way to save money!!! Nonetheless we saw many things we would’ve love to have purchased. We went to see the movie, “Post Grad,” it was a cute and funny movie. Thankfully, the theater and restaurant were both within walking distance from Target. We enjoyed our new found freedom of traveling to town on bike vs. by car.

Christine in front of Target

Me in front of Target

the trek back home

This is on our way back home just after leaving the Target parking lot. I took this while riding my bike. Not very easy to do, but I got the shot.

Hannah on the way home

Another photo I took while riding my bike. I turned around to point my camera at Hannah riding behind me. It was another tricky manuever, but I did get a shot. Can you see the Target sign in the background? On the opposite side of the road there are two bikers in the distant background, they were coming into town as we were on our way out.

the trek back home

And one more final shot while on my bike. This is the road where the entrance to the nature trail is. In my next post I will feature more pics on our fun trek home while on the trail. Stay tuned.

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