Nature Trek, 20 miles round trip, part 2

Here we go back on the trail after spending a few hours in town. Our first trip took us about an hour, how long will it take us to get home…?

Hannah on trail

Hannah biking home

Christine on trail

Me biking home

yellow wildflowers

There were plenty of pretty golden yellow flowers blooming on the fields along the trail. They cheerfully greeted us showing us their vibrant, true colors. I marveled at their uplifting beauty.

purple thorny thistle

A purple prickly plant, not sure what it is.

field of wheat?

And here’s a field of wheat? No, I’m not sure what it exactly is. Hannah and I were guessing it was wheat. Can you identify what it is if it isn’t wheat?

Hannah leaping into field

And here’s Hannah about to jump in the wheat-like field. Noooo, she didn’t actually jump, but I caught her in the act of “pretend” jumping.

Christine washing the field

Hannah tried to get a pic of me “pretend” jumping, but it looks like I’m reaching out to touch the wheat…wash the wheat? Not sure what is looks like I’m doing.

field on trail

Here’s a close-up of the wheat. I like the bright blue sky in the background.

Hannah on sixth bridge

Hannah on the sixth bridge.

This pic from the sixth bridge was on our way to town. This was the final bridge on the trail before heading into town. It also is the longest bridge on the trail and it turned out to be our favorite bridge. On our trip back, I looked in the marshy water to the left and saw a large crane just taking flight from the water. Its wings looked so large as it flew away. We were bummed out that we couldn’t have gotten a better look at such a fascinating bird.

Christine on sixth bridge

Me on the sixth bridge.

Okay, so how long did it take us to get back home if it took us an hour to get there? An hour? No, it took us about 2 hours to get back, but we stopped more frequently to take pics and we were riding against the wind and we already rode 10 miles in the morning. That’s why it took us twice as long. Plus, the weather was gorgeous, so we decided to take as much time to enjoy it. And we did. 🙂

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