Sea creatures swimming overhead…Wow!!!

Stingrays, Sawfish, Sharks, Starfish, Jellyfish and many other sea creatures were a site to see at the underground aquarium at the Mall of America. Wow!!! A wonderful, amazing and relaxing visit. 🙂

sea creatures swimming above

It was so awesome to walk through the tunnel at the aquarium and see the sea creatures swimming above and around us. It was so relaxing to watch them glide through the water. I want a sea tunnel in my house, possilbly where I work on my artwork. Wouldn’t that be an inspirational view and surroundings. Ahhh!!!

creatures swimming above

Look at these beautiful creatures swim, swim, swim!

underwater tunnel at underground aquarium

Look at the beautiful blue.


Watch out, Sawfish above!


Heads up, Shark sighting!!! Look at that mouth filled with sharp teeth!


And here’s a wonderful stingray gliding through the water. I can’t decide which sea creature is the most intriguing. Two of my faves from the “intrigue” category are the stingray and the seahorse.


Oh, did I say “seahorse”? I just had to add one more pic of a seahorse.


Geesh, this alligator had quite the stinging glare in his eye. Watch out! Not a very friendly, welcoming creature. I was very appreciative of the glass between us.


And Piranhas, they sure have some pretty sparkle on their bodies despite the bad rep they have.


What lovely starfish! 🙂

clown fish

And lookee here, I found Nemo! I love that movie.


And here’s another captivating creature, the jellyfish!


Okay, this one isn’t as aesthetically pleasing, but still an interesting creature nonetheless.

seahorse in the mall

Giant seahorse outside of the aquarium entrance at the Mall of America.

lego display at MOA

Okay, being a Lego lover, I had to add one last pic of a sea themed Lego display at the Legoland store in the Mall of America. Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sites I saw during our mini-trip to Minneapolis. Just imagine if we stayed there longer, I’d probably have enough blog material for the entire year.

To view my seahorse pics from the aquarium click here. They are such amazing critters!

To view pics of Legoland and other Mall of America pics, click here.

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  1. conarnold says:

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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