Black Friday Christmas Lights

Ice skating at the fountain Christmas lights

This year I didn’t end up going shopping on Black Friday with my sisters. Later in the day most of the family visited Lakeside Park to see the Christmas lights and decorations. It wasn’t too cold out for a walk in the park. I brought along my Holiday Specs for us to look at the lights with. What are Holiday Specs? They are special glasses that look similar to 3D glasses and when you wear them all points of light turn into shapes like snowflakes, stars, reindeer, candy canes, etc.

Kristin and Ann on lighted bridge

My niece Kristin wearing the Holiday Specs and my sister Ann (her auntie) on the lighted bridge at the park.

On the ride into town, my niece Kristin and I were in the back seat wearing the holiday glasses and looking at the car lights on the highway. We saw red tail lights turn into snowflakes, candy canes and stars. We drove by a police car with it’s flashing lights on and we saw dancing blue and red shapes through the lenses of our holiday specs. What fun! Then as we approached town, the stop lights were transformed into holiday shapes.

Reindeer and tree Christmas lightsI took the photo above with a lens of the holiday specs in front of my camera lens. It’s hard to decipher the shapes from this photo, but you can see how the glasses work a little bit.

Kristin by reindeer lightsMy niece Kristin wearing a pair of the holiday specs in the park.

train Christmas light displayTrain Christmas light display at Lakeside Park.

Christmas Caroloers in GazeboThe Christmas Carolers in the gazebo at the park.

Christmas light showThere were also Christmas lights set to music in one spot at the park. We stopped to watch the light show and then headed back home. It was a fun night visiting the park during the holiday season!

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