Kids Art, cute bunnies, turtles, a unicorn & a cat

Ralphie the bunny at the window

Kids Art in the form of hand-painted bunnies & more

Kids art is the topic today and I, Ralphie, will be showing you some delightful pieces hand-painted by Christine’s nieces and nephews, Katrina, Kristin, Jordan and Andrew. Last month they came for a visit and they managed to squeeze in an art and craft day while they were here.

Andrew painting his bunny

It’s the “Andrew Paints a Bunny” movie! Very exciting. Christine’s nephew, Andrew, carefully hand-painted his bunny piece. He painted it black to represent their pet bunny, Midnight, who is a mini rex black bunny.

Kids painting their pieces of art

The photo above shows the rest of the kids painting at the table. They each selected two resin pieces to paint that Christine had already cast. All of them each painted a lil’ bunny sculpture. Katrina painted a cat for her second piece. Kristin painted a unicorn. Jordan and Andrew each painted a turtle.

Kid's artwork, turtles, unicorn, and a cat

Kids Artwork Show n’ Tell

Here are some pics of the kids art. Andrew painted the lovely bright red turtle. His big brother, Jordan, painted the golden turtle. Their big sister, Kristin, painted the lovely unicorn. And the oldest of the kids, Katrina, painted the vibrant blue kitty cat.

Kid's art, lil' bunnies

And last but not least, here are the wonderful lil’ bunny sculptures that each of the kids painted. Kristin’s is flocked like some of the bunnies that Christine has made. Andrew’s and Katrina’s resemble their pet bunny who has black fur. Jordan’s is painted with a nice red and blue outfit, which reminds me of an outfit worn by an Olympic athlete. It has a bit of an Olympic feel to it, doesn’t it? All of the kids artwork is fantastic. I hope you enjoyed the kids art show n’ tell.

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