My Shampoo Bottle is Morphing into a Cat!

Tigger with one eye open

I have a habit of collecting things that are unwanted in hopes of making them into something wanted. Some people may call these “unwanted items” trash, junk, or garbage; but I call them objects of potential and possiblities. Empty shampoo bottles and other misc plastic bottles have been one of my current “possibility” projects. And yes, you can see even my cat Tiggy opened one eye to catch the exciting transformation of a shampoo bottle turning into a cat. 🙂

cat shampoo bottle sculpture

When I come to the point of throwing away an empty container or some type of object destined to be tossed away; I think, “What can I make this into? How can I use this item for any of my projects?” Sometimes a “garbage” item makes a useful aid/tool for working on my projects and others play a vital role in the object itself. This is an important role for my cat sculpture. Without the empty bottle, where would my cat sculpture be? It wouldn’t be, is the point.

cat shampoo bottlle sculptures

The first photo shows the back of my cat sculpture where you can see the “uncovered” part of the sculpture. The next photo shows a cat trio made with bottles of various sizes. Currently, I’m working on five different cat bottle sculptures and I’m trying to vary the “styles” of my kitty cats.

close up of cat shampoo bottle sculpture

This photo shows one of the styles, where I used polymer clay for the eyes and I will use some PaperClay to sculpt a nose for the sculpture. This kitty cat is the largest of the five and the first one that I started working on. I used some aluminum foil and a styrofoam ball to sculpt the legs and the head. And then I used some Paper Mache medium to cover the entire body.

Tigger sleeping

And look at this my kitty cat, Tigger, was so exhausted after all the Shampoo Kitty sculpting that he needed to take yet another “cat nap.” Ahhhh…the life of a cat. I hope you enjoyed finding out about my cat shampoo bottle project. One thing I need to think of, is a good and unique name for my bottle creations. Any suggestions? Nonetheless, I hope you go and see what items may look unwanted but hold a world of potential within. Talk to you later. 🙂

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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