Handmade Angel & Gingerbread Boy Christmas Cards

This year I made some angel ornaments and while taking pics of them, I thought about using some of the photographs of the angels to use as images on some handmade Christmas cards. It was a delight to take pics of these happy angels and taking their pics made me smile.Angel Christmas cardsWhile out and about shopping, I came across this pretty glittery covered paper in a variety of colors. At the time I had no idea how I’d use this paper, but I knew I would get some use out of it somehow. Once the idea came to use my angel photos as artwork on some cards,  I knew exactly what paper I was going to use with the photos. And the same day I bought that glittery paper, I also bought a package of silver chenille stems that worked out to be nice hangers for my little card creations.

Cute handmade Christmas card

Look at that silvery glitter sparkle!

Another new item I had recently gotten was a set of Spellbinders Nestabilities in the “Labels Eight” die template shape. This happened to be a perfect template to use on my cards. I used the template for cutting out card stock shapes for both the front and the back of the card. On the back of the card, I re-purposed the inside of some cards that I had sitting around. The inside of these cards read, “Merry Merry Merry” so I cut out this greeting with the Labels Eight shape. I used this as the greeting on the back of the card. Everything was falling into place to put these cards together.

Back side of handmade card

One thing that was missing and that I was on a hunt for were some type of embellishments, preferably stickers, to add a little decor to the frame of the cards. I didn’t have much luck finding any stickers that would work out with my card design, but I did find a set of these small glittery snowflake ornaments. While inspecting these snowflakes, I thought they’d work out perfectly to glue on the bottom corner of my angel cards. However, the silver glitter on them looked rather “dull.”  I know, it’s hard to fathom that glitter could ever look dull, but this glitter was on the bling-less side of the glitter spectrum. Therefore, I had to give the snowflakes a glittery boost with my Shiney Si glitter made by the Art Glitter Company. I never cease to be amazed by how transformative the right type of glitter can alter an object. And believe me, the Shiney Si glitter is the right type of glitter to use for such a transformation. It is so awesomely sparkly and it is one of my favorite glitters to use.The handmade gift tags for the Christmas cardsI also made some handmade gift tags for each of the cards. For my Glitter Gal Pal, Caroline, I made a Gingerbread Boy card. She and I share the same affection for glitter and I wanted to send her the gingerbread boy one since I included the words, “Happy Glitter Days” along with the photo. Caroline is excellent at thinking of creative glittery phrases and sentiments, so I thought this particular card would be a perfect fit.

Gingerbread Boy Christmas Card

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