Our Sore Fun Bike Ride

field of cattails

Last fall, my friend Hannah and I decided to take our second trip into town by bike. On our first trip we had enjoyed our ride very much and liked the fact of not paying any gas money to go to town.

Hannah in the corn field

Hannah just bought a new camera for her photography business, so she was having fun trying it out on our nice autumn ride.

curly leaves

I love observing the tiniest of details while out in nature. These curly, twirly leaves looked very intriguing to me. I was busy snapping pics here while Hannah was busy taking pics there.

Hannah taking pics

There she is, busy being a shutter-bug! 🙂

Hannah by bike

Hannah near the field of corn we visited.

cool dried plant

I’m not sure what type of plant/flower this is, but I thought it looked interesting.

curly plants

Some more twisty dried plants.

fall on the trail

A gorgeous fall day!

fall colored leaf

A fall colored leaf.

Hannah on trail

On our way home from town, we experienced something we hadn’t on our first trip to town. Since it was fall, our hours of daylight were limited. While in town we ate lunch and then stopped to get a couple ingredients for our supper. We knew that we couldn’t spend a long time in town since we needed to get home before dark.

There we were back on the trail, knowing we needed to keep on biking with little time to stop along the way to rest. We weren’t even halfway home when our legs were aching. Ouch! We had to keep on biking, we could see it was starting to get dark. We stopped briefly at a couple points, but our legs continued to hurt us. The darkness continued to creep in. I wanted to quit. We kept on going with Hannah leading the way. By the time we got to the last tree tunnel it was dark. We could not see much of anything and I thought I noticed a black shadow moving ahead of us. Yes, there it was, a shadow of some guy walking out in the darkness. Creepy! We finally got home after our painful ride.

We have been trying to come up with theories about why we were so sore this second trip. Some possibilities are:

On our first trip to town we had more time to rest our legs since we saw a movie. Plus, the cooler temps probably caused our legs to ache. And we also couldn’t take a leisurely ride home like we did on our first trip. Regardless, Hannah and I will never forget our second trip to town.

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2 Responses to Our Sore Fun Bike Ride

  1. mv says:

    There can only be one explanation 🙂 "Murphy's law!" 🙂 Glad you made it back safe. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you, mv!

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