Up-cycled Bottle Sculptures

re-Bottled couple

I have a tendency to hold onto items that I think I can make into something else. For instance, when I ran out of shampoo and conditioner, I thought I’d hang onto the empty bottles to use for a future sculpture project. I started out making cat sculptures from them.

re-Bottled sculpture

Since then, every time I come across a bottle ready to be tossed out, I think about what I could create with it. My latest creations called “Re-bottled” sculptures, are simple people sculptures. The first three that I made are shown here.

UpCycled Sculpture

Here’s my little lady sculpture next to the same type of plastic bottle that I used to create her with.

UpCycled man and woman

Here’s the Up-cycled couple next to similar bottles used to make them.

UpCycled sculptures

And last but not least, here’s my Charles sculpture alongside my Up-cycled couple. Charles was made with an empty soy sauce glass bottle and I used 2 mini burned out halogen light bulbs to form his head. I love thinking of new things to make with items thought to be useless garbage. Hope you enjoyed seeing my Up-cycled work!

About christine

A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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