Fairy Plaques

Our teacher, Lori, each gave us one of the sample plaques from the class. This is the one that I picked out.

This week my friend Hannah and I attended a class at the Scrapbook Cottage. In the class we created three charming fairy plaques using images from a sheet of Woodland Fantasy paper from Graphic 45. Each of us in the class could choose whatever images we wanted to cut out from the paper to use on our wooden plaques. We also chose what type of background we wanted on each piece. We used Mod Podge to decoupage the backgrounds to the wooden plaque. And we could add height/dimension to our cut out pieces using sticky dots and then embellish them with some glittery Stickles. A piece of ribbon was hot glued to the back of each of our plaques to use for hanging them on display.

I decided to cut different strips of patterned paper for my background on this plaque.

It was fun to see how all of our plaques varied so much although we all used images from the same sheet of paper.

Lori had this fun, bright pom pom ribbon trim for the plaques and we decided that it would make a lovely border edge around my oval plaque.

When I got home, I decided that my plaques still needed a bit more glitter added to them.  Therefor, I marched right into my “glittering station” to add more glittery goodness to each of the plaques. Ahhhh…..now they are ready for display and giving away as gifts.

This is my favorite plaque since it has a storytelling theme to it.

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