Handmade Holidays in 2011

This year was a Christmas filled with handmade gifts, which happens to be my favorite kind of gift. I made a lot of gifts to give this year as well as received plenty of fantastic handmade gifts. Before the year ends, I’d like to share with you some of those wonderful handmade gifts from the season.

This Christmas season I participated in two holiday exchanges. One exchange was between some of us Rhett and Link fans on the Kommunity Facebook page. The other exchange was one I found online for exchanging handmade Christmas ornaments at the Blu Penny by Cindy Ann blog.

Mythical Beast GiftsThat’s me showing off the awesome Rhett and Link patch and cute handmade t-shirt that I got from a fellow Mythical Beast, Robin.

Rhett & Link Mythcial Magnets and Packers magnetThese are the magnets that I made for the recipient, Rene, of my Rhett and Link exchange gifts. Rene is also a Green Bay Packers fan so I made him a Packers magnet along with the Rhett and Link Mythical Magnets. He made a video on Youtube showing my mangets that I sent to him.

2011 Handmade Ornament ExchangeI love handmade gifts and ornaments, so when I discovered the Handmade Holiday Ornament Gift Exchange at the Blu Penny blog, I was excited to sign up. The photo above shows the three ornaments that I received in the exchange.

Gingerbread boy ornamentsThese are the Gingerbread Boy ornaments that I sent out as my handmade ornament for the exchange. I packaged each of them in colorful circle pattern treat bags and then packed them into boxes to travel to their destinations.

A handmade gift from the Scrapbook CottageI also gave Traci and Mary at the Scrapbook Cottage each a Gingerbread Boy ornament. When I stopped in to give them their ornaments, Mary gave me this adorable handmade treat bag filled with delicious Dove chocolates.

Gingerbread gift packageAnd I could not leave out one of the “handmade gift queens” that I have been blessed to know. She is my “Glitter Gal” kindred friend, Caroline. She sent me a second delightful package for Christmas which contained some of her delicious Gingerbread cookies along with the recipe, some spiced cider mix and a cute handmade Gingerbread boy pin/card. Yes, I did say “second” package, I will have to devote a separate blog post to her first package that she sent to me.

Gingerbread boy decorationsSince this blog post has a handmade and Gingerbread theme, I could not pass up sharing a photo of the cute handmade Gingerbread people that my nieces and nephew decorated this year. Can you guess which Gingerbread cookie was decorated by my 3 year old nephew?

Handmade snowman pillowOne last item that I’d like to share is a photo of a handmade project that I made when I was in grade school. It’s made from burlap, felt and yarn and I’m glad my mom saved it and made it into a pillow. I only wish I knew what year I made it. I think I might have been in forth or fifth grade.

I hope you enjoyed my Handmade Holiday post which is the last post of the year 2011. Happy New Year!

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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