Heart window decorations

Dangling heart decorationsThe other week when I was looking for Valentine’s project ideas, I came across the blog, The Robin’s Nest, and they posted a photo of a project from the Martha Stewart website. It was a waxed paper/crayon heart project. After seeing that photo of the crayon hearts, I remembered that I had the issue of the magazine, “Good Things For Kids,” where they showed how to make those cheerful hearts to hang from a window.

Heart decorations hanging from windowYay! Another heart project to create. It’s an easy project to make and the supplies needed are minimal. What you need for this project are: waxed paper, crayons, handheld crayon/pencil sharpener, kraft paper, an iron, paper punch and thread/string.

waxed paper and crayon heart decorationsFirst you fold the kraft paper in half and a piece of waxed paper in half. Then you open up the folded waxed paper and begin to sharpen a crayon and let the crayon shavings fall onto the opened waxed paper. Once you have an even layer of crayon shavings, fold the waxed paper up and crimp the edges so the shavings stay contained within the waxed paper. Sandwich the waxed paper with shavings in between the folded kraft paper, which protects the ironing surface and the iron. Lightly iron on a medium setting. Allow the waxed paper and crayons to cool and then cut out into heart shapes. Use a paper punch to make holes to hang the hearts with. String through some thread and hang up in the window. These hearts are such a cheerful burst of color on a gloomy winter day.

Heart decorations hanging from window

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  1. these are too cute!!!!! Im a DIY kind of wedding planer and I LOVE the creativity here! there are so many possibilities with the waxed hearts!! Thanks for showing this!

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