Day #4 ~ Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Blog Tour

Come and join us for the “Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams” blog tour: 18 stops, 117+ giveaways, online workshops, amazing eye candy, new artists to meet & such fun ~

"Hope" tin

Embellished "Hope" tin ~ made with Apoxie Sculpt, glitter & embellishments

I am so excited to be a part of this blog hop/book tour that celebrates a wonderful and versatile medium like epoxy clay. As I’ve been reading the blog posts from the artist’s contributing to this event my excitement has multiplied. It is as equally as exciting to know that Kerin Gale created a book, “Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams,” the very first book of its kind to venture into the world of epoxy clay. In the book she shares her wealth of knowledge about working with epoxy clays and silicone mold materials. There are so many wonderful characteristics of epoxy clay and in her book you can learn about many of those characteristics. You will also be inspired by the projects and techniques that she shares with you in her book.

Please hold on, this blog post is packed with plenty of information, including discounts for some of Kerin’s workshops and a list of prizes to win from the sponsors. Plus, there is a list of the all the fantastic artists/blogs participating in this event. Don’t forget to visit their blogs to learn more about epoxy clay, to see their amazing creations and also to increase your chances of winning a prize.

Inspired Ramnants, Curious Dreams book by Kerin GaleOne of my favorite characteristics of Apoxie Sculpt is its adhesive property. This medium will stick to just about anything, so the uses for it are endless. One way that I’ve used this adhesive quality is to combine together another one of my favorite materials, glitter. The stickiness of the Apoxie allows me to cover the surface of freshly mixed Apoxie with glitter. Then I lightly rub the glitter into the soft Apoxie, which holds the glitter in place without the use of any glue to keep it there. It creates a smooth metallic appearance, as shown in the following photo of my twisty photo stand.

Twisty photo holderIt was about seven years ago when I first discovered the joys of working with Apoxie Sculpt from Aves Studio. I was introduced to it while in college and since then there has been no turning back. I can’t remember a time since then when I haven’t had some Apoxie Sculpt on hand. When I run low on Apoxie, I get anxious because I always like to have some available for whatever comes up. I don’t know what I’d do without having Apoxie Sculpt to help me make my creations.

Frog and Cricket sculptures

Before & After of "Frankie" & "Strings"

I’ve used Apoxie Sculpt for a variety of projects from making entire sculptures with it, to using it to attach legs, wings, etc to my recycled light bulb sculptures and to permanently attach found objects to pieces (as shown in the photo of the tin at the beginning of this post).

The frog and the cricket sculptures shown above were the very first sculptures I made using Apoxie Sculpt. You can see other examples of my storybook sculptures in my portfolio at my website.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoy working with Apoxie Sculpt, but I’ll stop here to let you take in the info about the participating blogs, giveaways, etc. Plus, I know you are going to want to stop and order some epoxy clay for yourself so you can find out firsthand the unlimited options you have from working with it.

~ At the end of this blog post, I have a special giveaway for my “Lilly Bug Blog” readers. ~

Please visit the following blogs to meet some talented artists, learn more about epoxy clay and enter to win some awesome prizes.

May 1st
Kerin Gale
Remnants of Olde ,

May 2nd
Alicia Caudle
Altered Bits ,

May 3rd
Lesley Venable
Flatwoods Folk Art ,

May 4th
Christine Lehto
Lilly Bug Studio ,

May 5th
Seth Apter
The Altered Page ,

May 6th
Nancy Perennec
Little Bit Wired ,

May 7th
Jen Cushman
ICE Queen Zine ,

May 8th
Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9th
Beth Robinson
Strange Dolls ,

May 10th
Brenda Schweder
Brenda Schweder Jewelry,

May 11th
Esther Verschoor
Vanessie Art Dolls,

May 12th
Kecia Deveny
Lemoncholy’s Flight of Fancy,

May 13th
Rachel Whetzel
A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal,

May 14th
Shannon LeVart,

May 15th
Marlaine Verhelst
Marlaine Verhelst Art Dolls,

May 16th
Lisa Jurist
Mud Hound Studio,

May 17th
Michelle Bernard
Yesterday’s Trash,

May 18th
Kerin Gale
Remnants of Olde – Alan Rogerson feature,

May 19th
Facebook Party!
Apoxie Clay & Epoxy Clays Page,!/home.php?sk=group_158159677562761

~~~~~~~ Prizes/Giveaways! C’mon and enter! ~~~~~~~~

Strings the Cricket sculpturePrizes offered by Sponsors (note: The physical products will only be mailed to addresses in the US.  Access to the online workshop and the digital collage sheets can be sent anywhere in the world.)

********* Giveaway closed. Winners posted. **********

Just leave a comment for one entry to win one of these fabulous prizes (every blog on the tour has about this many so hooray!). Get more chances to win by sharing info about the book tour!!! When you leave your comment just say where you posted (facebook, twitter, your blog, etc.) Each post is worth one entry in my drawing!

  • One Aves Power Pack (selection of their most popular formulas)  from
  • Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable on her The Art Of Altering site which features many other awesome online workshops
  • Two Digital Collage Sheets by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits.  You can see her very unique and cool collection at,
  • Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak.  This is the formula that Kerin recommends in the book that has the longer cure time.  If you want to order any of these materials or have any questions, call Jerry at Silpak 909-625-0056.  He was Kerin’s technical advisor for her book so it’s great that you can talk to him directly and get any assistance you may need!!!
  • 1 OZ ICE Resin and a mixed metal bezel from

Grand Prizes For Book Reviews (Please note prizes include shipping to U.S. addresses only.)

Any reader that writes a review ~ however short or long~  of Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams on before July 31, 2011 and sends an email with the title “Inspired Remnants Review” to will be entered in a drawing to win one of these prizes.  Please note that your honest opinion is wanted on this review.

A) The art piece featured on the cover of the book, “Sacred Totem”

B) Power Pack plus extra Fixit Sculpt clay from Aves Studio

C) Frozen Charlotte Doll with digital tutorial “How To Crackle Charlottes” from Alicia Caudle of

D)  Resin Clay Pendants online workshop by Kerin Gale from

E)  Vintage Gentleman online workshop by Kerin Gale from

~~ Book & Online Workshop Bundles – special pricing of $5 off. ~~
(note: Just name my blog “Lilly Bug Blog” when you check out through Paypal and you get $5 back)

Resin Clay pendants workshop

Resin Clay pendants workshop & Book

A)     Resin Clay Pendants Workshop + Book = $35 + shipping (only $30)

Vintage Gentleman Workshop

Vintage Gentleman Workshop & Book

B)     Vintage Gentleman Workshop + Book = $40 + shipping   (only $35)

Kerin Gale Workshop Bundle

Both Workshops & Book

C)     Both Workshops + Book =  $70 + shipping (only $65)

~~~~~~ Special Giveaway for Lilly Bug Blog readers! ~~~~~~

Comments left at my blog will be entered to win this set of three flower magnets made with Apoxie Sculpt, wire mesh & Glitter!

Apoxie, glitter and mesh flower magnets

Enter for a chance to win this set of flower magnets!

Please click on any thumbnail below to see other Apoxie Sculpt related articles.

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Sculpted face and sketch for boy sculpture

Children Sculptures

About christine

A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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56 Responses to Day #4 ~ Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Blog Tour

  1. Kerin Gale says:

    Christine your post is wonderful! I’m so happy that you are in the book and are hosting this blog tour also. I hope visitors will take some time to look around at some of the amazingly creative projects you create. Your work is truly inspiring and magical!!!

    • christine says:

      Thank you, Kerin! I am happy to be included in your book and the blog tour. Thank you for including me and also inviting me to the Epoxy Clay group on Facebook.

  2. Caroline says:

    Christine – you are truly amazing! You outdid yourself on this book tour and your artwork draws me into a wonderful world!

  3. Dena says:

    Hi Christine! Lots of fun I am glad Karen invited me to the tour. Unfortunately for me I live outside the US, but I think your creations are great!

    Have a great tour!


  4. sandi m says:

    Christine, What a talented artist you are! The detail of your work is exquisite. Frankie is just too cute. Congratulations. This is a great Tour.

  5. D. J. says:

    I only learned about this clay as this blog tour was starting. I’m having so much fun touring all of your creative sites and learning more about this product. I can’t wait to get my hands on some and start creating. Thanks so much for the inspiration. BTW…LOVE the storybook characters.

  6. Kathy Reed says:

    Love the way you’ve used the clay, too. Hoping for a chance to win!

  7. Caroline says:

    Love your sculpts!

  8. elizabeth says:

    can’t wait to get my hands on some of this clay.

  9. Erin Strother says:

    I’m enjoying this blog hop and love seeing all the different pieces with apoxy clay!

  10. Hi Christine, I really enjoyed this stop on the tour! Wonderfully colourful and imaginative work! I’m one of those living in Canada but I really wanted to say what a great job, I’ve enjoyed your post!

  11. Katie Cahill says:

    Wow! The more work I see done with Apoxie Sculpt the more amazed and inspired I am! You work is truly stunning and exciting! I have so many project running through my head now! Thank you for sharing with us, thank you to Kerin, and all who are involved in this blog tour. It is such a treat to see more of everyone’s fantastic work!

  12. Hi there, I just got turned on to your site and I really like what I’m seeing.
    I’m going to try out Aves(finally) and see what that’s like. I’ve been using Sculpey exclusively for about a year now and want to expand to other types of materials.

    • christine says:

      Thanks, Mike! I occasionally use Sculpey for certain projects too, but my favorite to sculpt with is Apoxie Sculpt. I think you’re probably going to like Apoxie more than Sculpey after you try it. Erin, at the Aves Studio company is very nice and is willing to help with any questions you may have about their products, etc.

  13. Marina Yax says:

    Thank you very much Christine!
    I really like your Before & After of “Frankie” & “Strings”
    They are so cute!

  14. Ginny Diezel says:

    Wow! Your pieces! I love to sculpt animals, Santas, snowmen, etc. and now I am convinced, after seeing the detail, that this stuff would be great to use! This “hoppin’ thing” is so much fun! Kerin is an inspiration to us all. The generosity of all of the participants, not just for the tangible gifties, but more importantly, for the willingness to share insight is terrific! Learning is sharing, and sharing is learning! Bravo!


    • christine says:

      Thanks, Ginny!

      Yes, you can get very nice details using Apoxie Sculpt. I sculpted a grasshopper character making a salad and sculpted little broccoli florets with Apoxie. When you want to use Apoxie for detailed work it’s best to let the mixed Apoxie sit for about an hour. Before that it’s too soft and won’t hold the detail as well.

  15. Lisa says:

    Christine – your sculptures are so lovely. I’m looking forward to spending some time taking in the rest of your blog and your creations. Love the idea of putting the glitter into the clay. Awesome.

  16. Deb Patrick says:

    Love your frogs.. The more I see about this clay… the more I want to try some..

  17. ellen says:

    my favorite part? looking at all the artist and their gorgeous artwork…

  18. sharon says:

    Hi Christine!
    I am new to epoxy clay, and this is all so exciting to me! I am so glad this blog tour is happening and I get to meet you and your wonderful work! I adore your work, it is so detailed, bright, and fresh, amazing!
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  19. Sherry Smyth says:

    I am seriously impressed!! I was looking around and those penguins you did with burned out lightbulbs and apoxie sculpt (I think that’s what it’s called) — out of this world!!!! Not sure how you thought of that but you made me realize that everything around us is art and can be used or reused to create something beautiful.

  20. Linda says:

    Wow…I love your pieces! I’m learning of so many fabulous artists with this blog hop. Thanks for the chance at the giveaways

  21. jennifer says:

    what adorable and whimsical creations – I love them!

  22. alicia says:

    what a magnificent post! your sculptures are ever so darling! i’m so glad to “meet” you during this magnificent blog hop — how fun it is!! the best part is seeing the magically diverse things that people can make with apoxie sculpt — i’m up to my elbows in it tonight working on some new things a bit too late for the tour, but fun none the less! thank you so much for sharing your little beauties!

  23. Patricia Kurowski says:

    Your sculptures are amazing! I also love the boxes you made. I can’t wait to try making something like them for myself when i get some apozy clay.
    I think this tour was a great idea and a wonderful way to learn from some amazing artists. I look forward to continuing to visit the blogs and see what everyone is doing.

  24. Claire says:

    id love to win. thanks!

  25. Colleen Peck says:

    Thank you for a wonderful blog, Apoxie Sculpt and glitter, what a great idea!!

  26. Sue Martin says:

    Enjoy seeing all the creative work this group is doing.

  27. Cindy says:

    Christine, I sure enjoyed the stop here at your blog during this fun book tour. I’m learning all sorts of new things about Apoxie Sculpt, and I love what you have done with it. Looks like you are up to all sorts of amazing projects – from your cute bunny slippers to the sailboat! 🙂

  28. Char-D says:

    Love your sculptures and other art work. You make me want to order some of this stuff for myself, but first I would need the book.

  29. Erica H says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen sculptutes made with the apoxy! Fabulous! And your finishes on the other pieces are beautiful. Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  30. This stuff looks super clever… and versatile! I think that your sculptures are truly charming and I can totally see you as a children’s book illustrator! My dad used to be the VP of Sales for a large book manufacturing company that produced a majority of children’s books for markets like Scholastic and I can tell you that there is a dearth of good illustrators. We need more inventive souls like you!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Enjoy the day!

  31. Lynn Andretta says:

    So glad I have been following this tour!! Something new at every stop!!! I will definitely be trying some of this out!

  32. Gloria says:

    I just love your musical creatures!! Your creations made me smiled, they are such fun! I am working on a frog also, I am using Apoxie Sculpt and a small bottle gourd. You have inspired me to add some more personality and fun to my project.

  33. Renee says:

    Love everything on here Chrissy!!!!!

  34. Linda Lynch says:

    Your sculptures are amazing! Thanks for sharing the benefits of Aves. I have it and haven’t used it, so now I am excited to get to it. What a great tour this is. I have posted it on my fb.

  35. Shannon C says:

    I love your sculptures, they are amazing. I am so glad to have found Kerin’s class in one world one heart and I cannot wait to play with the clay it looks like it can be used in so many ways.

  36. Shannon C says:

    I shared on fb as Shannon Iko Chomanczuk

  37. glad you are part of the tour- nice to find your blog!

  38. Lynn Stevens says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this awesome clay, I’m loving all the creations you have all come up with!

  39. connie says:

    loved looking at all of your creations. your blog was terrific to explore!

  40. Nice post… loved looking at your little hands construction!

  41. Danielle says:

    As always, I am loving your creations and blog posts! Can’t wait to see more of the sailboat progression 🙂

  42. JJoy says:

    What a great blog and giveaways!! Please enter me…thanks so much!!

  43. I just learned about this book and this special clay. I’d never even heard of it before. I’m already blown away by all I’ve seen so far. I really LOVE the lightbulb bugs. They are adorable. Thanks for allowing me to enter your contest.

  44. I’m really enjoying visiting all the blogs and seeing each artists different uses for this amazing clay. I’m really enjoying seeing your progress on “sailboat saga”, that is one gorgeous and fun piece of artwork. LOVE IT!

  45. Heather St. Marie says:

    Thanks for being a part of the blog tour; I enjoyed learning more about your techniques with the clay.

  46. Gaby Bee says:

    I am having a great time going to the different sites that are part of the book tour. Thanks for being a part of it! Your sculptures are amazing…I love all of your creations!

  47. Kathy S says:

    Love your posts, and absolutely love your lightbulb penguins!

  48. Lisa Gatz says:

    I love your sculptures! They’re so fun! Please enter me in your drawing. 🙂 Thanks!

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