Sailboat Saga – Children Sculptures (work in progress)

The last update on my sailboat sculpture was about making the propeller to make the sailboat “fly”. This time I am going to share with you, my “work-in-progress” photos of the sculptures for the children who will be voyaging on the sailboat flying in the sky.

Work-in-progress photos of boy sculptureHere is the first sculpture I made for the sailboat. This is the boy sculpture for the “night” side of the sailboat. He will be the one “holding” up two more kids standing above his shoulders.

Sculpted face of boy sculpture next to sketch of the faceI really wanted to work on getting a good expression on the child’s face, like he is working hard to hold up the two other kids standing above him. I paged through some drawing books and some picture book illustrations and I didn’t really find what I was looking for as a reference. I got my camera and I tried making a variety of facial expressions to see if I could get one to help me draw out a sketch. I was making myself laugh when I saw how silly some of the photos of my expressions looked.

Child's sculpted faceThe next sculpture I started is the girl sculpture who will be standing on the shoulders of the first boy that I made. As I was sculpting the face for the girl, I became concerned that her face was turning out to look like a man’s face. In the larger view in the photo above, is the beginning of the face, the next photo in the top right-hand corner is the face after I dremeled away some of the face. And the last photo in the bottom right-hand corner is how it currently looks. There is still plenty of work to do on her face, but I am much happier with how it looks now than how it did before.

Work-in-progress photos of sailor girl sculpture

The third sculpture I’m working on is a girl sculpture for the “day” side of the boat. She is going to be the captain of the sailboat. In addition to these three sculptures I have started, I have four more sculptures to make. As the progress continues, I will post updates.

A few of the sculpted faces for the sailboat sculptureThe many faces of my sculptures and more to come. Stay tuned!

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