Sailboat Saga ~ Star Catching Boy

Star Catching Boy sculptureHere is an inside look at how I’m creating my “Star Catching” boy sculpture. The first photo shows the beginning phase of my sculpture standing on his own account. I had no idea it would balance on its own standing like that. A pleasant little surprise. The last photo shows how I propped up the sculpture on the sailboat piece. You can see he is holding a net containing stars. Yes, he is the “star catcher” of the sailboat floating through the night sky.

Star Catching net

This is how I constructed the star catchin' net.

I created the net using some wire for the handle and shaping a net from wire mesh that I wrapped around the wire form. After that I worked on covering the wire handle with Apoxie Sculpt. Within the net I am using foam star shapes that I’m connecting together with pieces of wire and I will be covering them with a layer of Apoxie Sculpt. Soon the red, white and blue glitter stars will have a more protective layer to withstand the outdoor elements.

Star Catchin' Boy sculptureAs you can see, I still have more work to do on my “star catching” boy sculpture. Presently he is “bald” in need of some hair and his hands and shoes are also in need of more sculpting. You might notice some lettering on the side of the boat. That is my “template” for painting the letters onto the boat. This week I need to get the boat painted and paint the boat names on each side of the boat. I have two weeks to finish everything. Sigh……….now take a deep breath……..

Propeller repairsYesterday my sailboat was in an unfortunate accident. The propeller completely snapped off due to the garage door being opened and the dangly red thing hanging from the garage door opener getting caught in the sailboat propeller. The photo above shows the “removed” part of the propeller with the damages being repaired. There were a few cracks on three of the propeller blades that I’m repairing with Apoxie. Next is the task of reattaching the propeller and trying to see if I can get it to spin yet by reattaching it.

Please stay tuned for my next update.

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  1. What a shame! I do hope it will spin again! Your starcatcher has great balance!

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