Sailboat Saga ~ Stars and Paint

All aboard! Take flight with me on this journey into a land of stars and clouds. The moment has finally arrived……it’s time to give you a peek into how I’m painting my sailboat piece. Hold on tight……we will be flying among silvery stars and billowy clouds.

Painting the sailboatIt took me awhile to finally get some “paint” on my sailboat. My time was occupied with first getting the propeller attached and working on the children sculptures. It was a sweet moment when I added the gold paint to the mast and even sweeter when I was done painting the sky blue on theĀ  day side of the sailboat. Ahhhh….finally there was a little bit of color on the boat. Next I painted the night sky on the reverse side of the boat.

Work-in-progress pics of painting the cloudy sky on the sailboatAfter that I was ready to begin painting cloud shapes on the sailboat. It was such a relaxing time, painting puffy clouds in a bright blue sky. Can you spot all of the animal cloud shapes on the sail?

The "After" photo of the painted cloudy sky.It was a wonderful experience to see a cloudy sky completed on my sailboat. On the upper right hand side of the sail is where I will be placing the sun sculpture. Once the cloudy sky was completed, I was able to focus my energy on the night side of the sailboat.

Foil star shapes

Cut out foil stars and the stars coated with matte gel medium as it's drying.

First I cut out foil stars with my die cutting machine. I lost track of how many stars I cut out. Before adding the stars to the sailboat, I coated them with a matte gel medium and painted a coat of glow-in-the-dark paint over that. Yes, the stars will glow-in-the-dark, but only for about 10-15 minutes.

Work-in-progress pics of starry night sky on the sailboatAfter carefully peeling the painted foil stars off of the waxed paper (and yes, there were some star casualties during the peeling off process), I used gel medium to attach them to the sail. As you can see in the last photo, I still have to cut out and attach stars on the other half of the sail. I will be busy, busy, busy….cutting out more stars and continuing sculpting the figures for the sailboat. As always, I will keep you posted with “work-in-progress” updates. Please don’t miss my next update.

Please click any image below to see other Sailboat Saga “work-in-progress” updates.

Propeller WIP

Sculpted face and sketch for boy sculpture

Children Sculptures

Man in the moon

Sun & Moon

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