Sailboat Saga ~ The Ladder Boy

Ladder boy sculptureHere he is…..the ladder boy! He is the last featured kid sculpture in my sailboat series, but certainly not the least. He has the task of painting the clouds onto the sail so he has a very important job to do. To create the ladder, I bought a few wooden dowels and asked my dad to cut them to the sizes I needed. Then I drilled holes at each of the ladder rungs and measured out where the rungs would be placed along the legs of the ladder. After marking off where the rungs would go, I drilled holes into the ladder’s legs. I used pieces of wire at each end of the rungs to insert into and attach the ladder legs. Once all of the rungs and legs were together, I began to secure everything together with Apoxie Sculpt.

Ladder boy and paint girl sculptureIt was very satisfying to see my ladder all pieced together. The ladder measures almost 3 feet tall, so I had a lot of ladder surface to cover with Apoxie Sculpt. After the ladder was done I worked on positioning the boy onto the ladder, trying to determine exactly how his arms and legs would go. I also positioned the paint girl alongside the ladder boy to make sure they would look like they were interacting with each other. It was exciting to see them posed on the sailboat even though they were not completed yet. I could finally see how all of my pieces were coming together.

Ladder boy sculptureIn the center photo above, I showed how I created the structure for the ladder boy’s paintbrush. As I painted the ladder boy, it was fun to see him leaned up against the table, like I had this mini friend exploring the house.

Sailor girl sculptureAs one extra treat, here’s a look at a before and after of the painted sailor girl. You can also see how I painted the base of the boat with a blue stripe and the “Sunlight Delight” lettering.

The time is getting close to revealing my finished sailboat, but before it is revealed I have one more post to write about the sun, moon and stars! Stay tuned.

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