Sailboat Saga ~ The Unveiling

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.
~ Author unknown ~

Are you ready for some high flyin’ adventures? Come on and take a voyage with me on a flying sailboat with the Sunlight Delight kids & the Star Explorers. The Sunlight Delight kids are ready to soar through the sky and show you hidden animal shapes in the clouds on a bright sunshiney day. And the Star Explorers are excited to catch netfuls of sparkly stars under the the calming glow from the man in the moon. All aboard!

Children sculptures on the day side of the sailboatHere’s a look at a “before” and an “after” of the Sunlight Delight children on the day side of the sailboat.

The Ladder Boy sculptureHere’s the ladder boy ready to do some painting with his paint brush in hand and his paint partner is standing by holding up the paint can for him.

The Sunlight Delight KidsThe Sunlight Delight kids are happy to present………….

Sunlight Delight sailboat………… the finished sailboat on the day side!

Night and day side views of sailboat

Here’s a view of the boat from the front end and the back end of the boat. From this angle you can see how the boat divides into a day side and a night side. You may also notice the support pieces I used to attach the sculptures to the sailboat.

The Star Explorers SculptureThe Star Explorers are ready to search for beautiful sparkling stars in the night sky.

The telescope boy sculptureThe young explorer holding the telescope is the first to see the approaching stars. He’s ready to let the star catchin’ boy know that there are stars ready to catch in his net.

The Star Catchin' Boy sculptureYay!!! The star catchin’ boy has already caught seven sparkly stars, enough for each traveler on both sides of the boat to have one star.

The Star Catcher sailboat sculptureThe Star Catcher side of the sailboat all completed!

Christine posed with her sailboat sculptureHere I am posed next to my boat. Sigh! I was going on about 3 hours of sleep that morning when I posed for those pics. It is a relief to have the boat completed on time and delivered to Lake Geneva. I saw so many awesome boat sculptures when I dropped off my boat. Stay tuned for my next post when I feature some photos of the boats that I saw.

Sailboat "Before"

Sculpted face and sketch for boy sculpture

Children Sculptures

Ladder boy sculpture

The Ladder Boy

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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