Snowflake characters – work in progress

Cutout paper snowflakesSnowflakes in summer, oh my! Right now I’m working on a series of watercolor snowflake characters. The photos of the snowflakes above are an assortment of cutout paper snowflakes that I used for my snowflake patterns for my characters. In the middle of summertime there I was cutting out a handful of snowflakes. After I had all of my snowflake characters drawn out on my watercolor paper, I taped down the paper to my watercolor boards. Then I carefully applied masking fluid to the outside edges of the snowflakes.snowflakes with masking fluidThe photo above shows the masking fluid after it was dry. Using the fluid allowed me to work on watercoloring the background more efficiently and  helped to keep the edges of the snowflakes in shape.

Work-in-progress watercolors of snowflake characters

Here are my snowflakes with a first layer of watercolors for the background area.

Snowflake designs at Christine's work table

The photo above shows my watercolor workspace in my bedroom.

Removing masking fluid from snowflake watercolorsHere I am removing the masking fluid from the piece with my polka-dotted eraser and my finger tips. Wow! That masking fluid is stubborn stuff, my finger tips were getting red from rubbing off the masking material. I also tried using a kneaded eraser to remove it. I just wanted to be careful not to damage the surface of the paper as I removed the masking fluid with the erasers.

Close-up of snowflake characterHere’s a close-up look at one of my snowflake characters with some of the masking fluid already removed. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Stay tuned for an update showing my snowflakes further along in the process.

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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