Sparkly Sequined Ornaments

Sparkle ornaments that Christine made

I love sparkly things and crafts and sharing my love of crafting with my nieces and nephew. What better project to create together than these delightful sequined ornaments that I bought as a kit from a local craft store. Each year during Thanksgiving weekend, I like to do a craft project with my nieces and nephew. Once my other nephew is old enough to craft with us, he will be part of the Thanksgiving crafting time too.

Sparkle sequined ornamentsThey are so fun and easy to make. Also, a very addicting cozy weekend activity. Thank goodness the kit offered plenty of supplies to create a lot of ornaments. As I was putting together one ornament, I began to think of other color combinations and designs to create. It was also enjoyable to see what designs my nieces and nephew thought of.

Pretty sparkle ornamentsThe photo above shows our collection of ornaments that we all made during the weekend.

Sequined ornaments that Katrina madeThe photos above are the ornaments that my niece Katrina created. The last two photos show the front and back of the second ornament that she made. I like her patchwork of colors all over the ornament. She also added more than one bead to the pins to give it a different look. I also like her orange and green ornament. Lovely!

Sparkle ornament that Jordan madeThis is the ornament that my nephew Jordan designed. He was reluctant to make ornaments with us because they probably looked too “girly” with the sparkly sequins. After seeing us working on them, he decided to give it a shot. Since he is a Chicago Bears fan he made his ornament in the team colors of blue and orange. He did a terrific job on his striped ornament.

Sparkle ornament that Kristine madeThis is the three piece ornament that my niece Kristin created. Isn’t it pretty? Kristin loves sparkles and crafting just like me. We are crafting buddies!

Sequined sparkle ornamentsThe photos above show the front and the back of one of the ornaments that I made.

Sparkle ornaments on displayOrnaments on display at the kids’ table in the kitchen.

Sequined sparkle ornamentsThe stand that the ornaments are displayed on is a wire and bead stand that I made. It makes a nice stand for our ornaments. Love the sparkle!

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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