Wall Murals and painting myself into a corner

Mural work from Valerie's SalonI was looking through photos of some mural painting jobs that I had done in the past. After looking through them, I thought that I’d share some of them with you. Back then when I was working on murals the name of my business was, “Chrissy’s Creations.” The photos above show what I painted at a local hair salon. This salon was in the same strip mall where I worked at a Hallmark store. Unfortunately neither the salon or the Hallmark store are still there after they tore down the old mall building and built a new one.

Cute bugs muralBug and nature muralThese photos are from a bug and nature themed bedroom that I did. It was a fun room to paint. My client wanted me to include some lightning bugs, so on another wall (not shown), I painted some lightning bugs that glowed in the dark. The bug/nature room and the hair salon jobs were an average size mural job. Next, I will show you a collection of photos that feature the biggest mural job that I have done.

Before photo of muralHere’s a photo of the very beginning part of the job. For this job my client wanted me to paint the entire room to look like a town with a bakery, flower shop and flower cart, candy shop, barbershop, and dress shop. I didn’t work there consecutive days, but in total it took me 14 days to complete everything. It was the most enjoyable of the murals that I have painted.

Flower cart and street lamp wall mural

Here’s what part of the room looked like when I was done. This room was for the client’s three young daughters to play in and do crafts in.

Bakery wall muralThe “Tastee Bakery” was the first building that I started to paint in the room. It was a “treat” to paint all of those “tastee” desserts in the window.

Flower cart & street lamp mural scene

In this photo you can see the telephone booth that I painted. The first section of the room I painted is where the bakery is next to the phone booth. Since they had a phone on the wall, we decided to paint a phone booth there so it looked like the phone belonged right there in the town scene. I can’t remember if my client requested that I paint a phone booth or if I thought of it.

Flower shop window wall mural

Here are some photos of the flower shop that I painted.

Flower shop and flower cart wall mural

I had the challenging task of trying to squeeze in a flower cart that my client requested. Since I ran out of wall space, I needed to paint the cart in the corner of the room. It actually worked out pretty well. This is one of those times when painting myself into a corner was okay.

Flower cart wall mural

Here’s a close-up look at the flowers that I painted on the flower cart.

Before and after of candy shop wall mural

The photos above show a work-in-progress of the candy shop that I painted. The way that section of the room was shaped made a good spot to make a candy store. Plus, it was fantastic to have an actual door there to use as the door for the building. If you look closely on the right hand side of the shop, you can see a gumball machine that I painted. And there’s a sign hanging above it that will eventually have the name of the sweet shop on it.

Town clock and mailbox wall mural

Just around the corner on the opposite end of the candy shop is where the client wanted me to paint a clock/street sign, trellis and a mailbox. This section of the room was an entryway into another room where her daughters could practice their dance steps. In the dance room, one side of the wall was lined with mirrors and a ballet bar. On one street sign I painted “Dance Studio” and the other I painted “Downtown.”

Dress and hat shop wall mural

In another section of the “downtown” area, across from the candy shop, I painted a dress shop window. This window was one of my favorites to paint. It was so much fun painting the dress and accessories in the window. I loved painting it!

Schoolhouse, street lamp and telephone booth wall mural

In another section of the room, my client had a chalkboard hanging up and she asked me to paint a school house design above where the chalkboard would hang. Their last name was “O’Leary” so she wanted me to paint “O’Leary Academy” on the design. On my last day there, I asked my clients daughters to pose in front of their favorite part of the town. All three of them were such sweet girls. It was sad to leave them when I was done with the mural.

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