80s Memories

'Totally 80s Memories' by lillybugboutique

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Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Totally 80s Memories

80s memories! What comes to mind when you think of the eighties? Maybe the Rubik’s Cube, Strawberry Shortcake or the Care Bears? One of my sisters loved playing the Rubik’s Cube and she got really good at it. I never ever got a Care Bear, but I always wanted one, especially the one with the rainbow on its tummy. Those memories from my youth were alive today while I curated an 80s memories¬†treasury on Etsy.

As I said, I never got a Care Bear, but I did have a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Some other Strawberry Shortcake items I had were a hairbrush, comb, lunchbox, and silverware. And I also had a Strawberry Shortcake exercise vinyl record. She and her friends did exercises on the record and there was a chart to see how to do the exercises. Another Strawberry Shortcake record I had was one that had a picture embedded on both sides of the record. I loved that record, it was totally awesome! I think I still have that record somewhere in storage. Today I found a photo of that awesome Strawberry Shortcake record online. The record from my childhood looks like the one shown below.

What items did you have from the 80s?

Strawberry Shortcake record - 80s memories

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