Casting with Resin, Ralphie’s studio tour part 2

Ralphie's Studio TourHello it’s me, Ralphie the Bunny, and I’m back to show you some more behind the scenes views at Christine’s studio. Today I will give you an up-close look at how she casts her pieces with resin using handmade silicone molds. Before any molds are made, Christine firsts hand-sculpts all of her pieces with either polymer clay or Apoxie Sculpt or a combination of the two. After the original pieces are created, Christine works on making molds out of silicone. The molds may not be too pretty to look at, but they do a great job at making multiples of the original pieces that Christine painstakingly creates.

Ralphie next to resin casting trayHere I am up close to where all of the casting magic happens. Get ready to see how the resin looks as it begins to cure. It is exciting to see it happen!

Christine's magnet pieces being cast in resinThe photos above show an assortment of Christine’s molds being cast with resin. In the first photo, the molds have not been filled with any resin yet. In the second photo, there are some pieces that have newly poured resin in them. The newly cast pieces almost look like they are filled with water. The pieces that are white are the ones that have already cured/hardened.

Coffee cup magnet being cast in resin

Here’s a series of photos to see the resin cure “in action.” It slowly begins to look white and the whiteness begins to spread and emerge throughout the entire mold. Can you guess which piece is being cast? Yes, it’s Christine’s coffee cup magnet design! You may have noticed that rice fills the tray where her pieces are cast. Why rice? The rice helps to level out the unevenness of the bottom of the molds, which allows Christine to get a more balanced casting of her pieces. It has worked well for a variety of tasks in Christine’s studio.

Ralphie the bunny watching the resin being castWow…can you see the resin curing in some of the molds? It is so much fun to watch! I can’t believe this portion of the tour is already over. No worries though, I will be back again to show you more happenings at Christine’s studio. Don’t miss it!

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