Cleaning the pieces of resin, Ralphie’s studio tour part 3

Ralphie the bunny next to newly cast resin piecesHello, your humble correspondent has returned with another inside look at how Christine makes her cute, handmade magnet pieces. Here I am standing next to a bunch of newly cast resin pieces. The next step in the process is to get them all cleaned up and ready to paint.

Pieces of resin in need of some cleaningYou can see how the edges are uneven on the two pieces shown above. Christine will sand the backs of each and every piece and then use her Dremel tool to smooth out the edges. Also, if there are any imperfections anywhere on the piece, Christine will make sure to get them Dremeled and/or sanded away. Watch out, it is a very dusty process!

Ralphie next to sanding stationThis is how Christine’s sanding and Dremel station looks on a typical resin cleaning day. There is a lot of resin dust, pieces of sandpaper, a Dremel tool nearby and of course a stash of ready to be cleaned resin pieces. During the cleaning process, Christine will often wear a dust mask and safety glasses.

Christine cleaning a piece of resinWith her Dremel tool in hand, Christine is busy smoothing out the edges on one of her newly cast resin pieces. It is a messy and dusty task, but a very necessary task to be done.

Ralphie posing at sanding stationWow….I made it out of the dusting station without a lot of dust on me! Can you believe that this part of the tour has already ended? Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! I know that Christine may not have the same sentiments after cleaning up a big batch of resin pieces. It does take a lot of elbow grease when sanding the pieces and then having to Dremel them. I hope you are enjoying this work in progress series. Please let me know how I am doing at my reporting skills. If you missed part of the tour, you can always go back and catch up, by clicking the links below.

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