Flocking the bunny slipper magnets, part one

Ralphie in front of fridge magnetsRemember last week when I showed you the magnets that were glazed and finished? I was standing in front of a variety of cute fridge magnets created by Christine. Did you notice the cute fuzzy bunny slippers just over my right arm? Those are the magnets that I will be showing you today. More precisely, I will be giving you a look at how Christine added the wonderfully soft and fuzzy flocking powder to the resin bunny slippers.

Ralphie by resin bunny slippersHere I am right next to a half dozen uncovered bunny slippers. They are ready to “hop-to-it” (pun intended) and get covered in a variety of colored flocking powders. You can see some of the flocking colors in the vials sitting behind the bunny slipper pieces. Ooooh…..this is so much fun!

Christine applying glue to resin bunny slippersHere you can see Christine applying glue to the surface of the resin bunny slipper with a paint brush. This is where the colorful, fuzzy and slightly glittery fun begins! Yes, I did say glitter. There is a subtle amount of glitter mixed within the colors of the flocking powders.

Christine tapping off excess pink flocking powderAfter Christine sprinkles the flocking powder over the glued surface, she taps off the excess into an empty coffee liner. Applying flocking powder is just how you would apply glitter to the surface of a piece. Christine will attest that applying flocking powder is just as enjoyable as applying glitter to an item. She loves glitter bunches and bunches!

Christine holding a partially covered bunny slipperIn the photo above you can see how the flocking powder looks on the surface of the bunny slipper. You can also see how handy those coffee liners are for catching excess flocking powder.

Ralphie diving into flocking powderOh…..all of those pretty and soft flocking powders look so tempting that I want to dive right into them and get a coating of flocking material covered over me. I guess I better stop myself and leave all of the flocking material for the bunny slipper pieces.  This where my part of the tour ends for today. Next time you will see the bunny slippers all covered in a fuzzy coating of flocking powder. I will also share a tip with you that Christine discovered while coating her bunny slipper magnets. Please, don’t miss it!

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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