Frogs and snail shells

Ralphie on the bridge at the nature trail

Frogs-a-plenty and snail shells

Frogs and snail shells are the topic of discussion today. I’m here to share with you the frog filled visit that Christine and her niece, Kristin, had at a pond that is near the nature trail. They also created a little memento from their visit to the pond.

Pond near the nature trail

How many frogs did they find?

Earlier this year Christine discovered a new pond alongside the nature trail. Since there has been a drought this summer in Wisconsin, you can see the water level has lowered between the two photos taken in June and July of this summer. Despite the low levels of water, it looked like it might have recently rained in frogs instead of water. Christine and Kristin found close to 30 frogs when they were standing on the one tiny pier at the pond. At first it was hard to spot them, but the longer they looked in the water, the more that they saw them relaxing in the water. One …. two …. three ……. oh, there’s another one and another one! …… four ……. five …… six …….. look at that tiny one ………. seven ……. eight …….. nine ……. there’s one skimming over the water ….. ten ……. they are so cute!

Christine's niece Kristin on the pier at the pond

Kristin tried her best to catch a frog, but never got one. Those frogs were very quick!

Frog on a perch

“Frog King” of the Pond

Here’s a frog sitting atop his perch, maybe he’s the king of the pond. Besides seeing frogs at the pond, Christine and Kristin spotted some snail shells too. The shells were a lot easier to catch than a frog.

Frog in the pond

Ribbit, ribbit! That frog looks like he’s enjoying his time in the pond.

Snail shell on the pier

A snail shell shadowbox memento

This is the first snail shell that they found. Isn’t it nice? Unfortunately Christine forgot that it was sitting on the pier during her observation at the pond and crunch, she stepped right on it. Thankfully, Kristin managed to get another shell that they took back home with them. Later, Kristin painted the shell and Christine made a shadowbox to keep the shell in.

Snail shell shadowbox

This is how the shell now looks, safe inside a shadowbox to keep for years to come.

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