Glazing the resin & gluing the magnets on, part 5

Ralphie looking at glazed magnetsHello, readers! Last time I left you, I gave you a look at the work-in-progress of painting the resin pieces. Now look at the resin pieces! They are all nice and shiny looking. Don’t they look nice with the coat of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze by DecoArt, Inc. that Christine used to coat them with? She loves using that glaze on her work and I can see why she does.

Glazed resin piecesThe surface of the hand-painted resin pieces look so glossy and glass-like. It adds richness and another dimension to them. Christine loves it when color is added to her pieces with paint, but she loves it even more once that coat of glaze is added and it gives her pieces a finished and polished look.

Ralphie next to resin pieces with magnets glued onBefore we can officially call them “finished,” we need to securely glue the Rare Earth Neodymium magnets to the back of the resin pieces. And by “we,” I mean “Christine.” She uses a small dot of super glue to attach the magnets and places them in the tray of rice to keep them laying flat and balanced. Those magnets are super powered and strong, although the correct term is “Rare Earth Neodymium.” That’s a mouthful to say, isn’t it? The bottom line is that they are not wimpy magnets, so they will stay in place while on display on a kitchen fridge or other magnetic surface.

Ralphie in front of the great wall of magnetsAnd here I, Ralphie the Bunny, stand in front of the great wall of magnets. There are more magnets still being worked on in Christine’s studio, but there are a lot that are already finished. Can you spot any favorites in the mix? I will be giving some extra attention to some of the magnets shown here. It will be an inside look at the special treatment some of these magnets required. I promise you, it will be fascinating, so stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed today’s update. If you missed any updates, don’t hesitate to click on the links below. Talk to you later!

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