Glitter ornaments in Holiday 2012 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine

Ralphie looking at glitter ornaments article in Stitch Craft Create magazine article

Glitter ornaments in Stitch Craft Create magazine

Ralphie the Bunny here. I’m busy reading an article in a craft magazine. It’s an article that Christine wrote for Stitch Craft Create. Her glitter ornaments, “Sparkle Spheres,” are featured on p. 54 in the Holiday 2012 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine.  She created these pretty pieces using empty cereal boxes. Christine enjoys finding uses for items often deemed as “useless.” She decided to make some delightful ornaments with the cereal box material that she saves for her paper crafting/mixed media projects. It’s a wonderful way to create something lovely from a material that many people throw out in the garbage.

Ralphie reading the "Spakle "Sphere" glitter ornament article in Stitch Craft Create magazine

Christine’s Glitter ornament “Sparkle Sphere” article

Here’s a little peek at her article in Stitch Craft Create. In the article you can learn how to make your own glitter ornaments. Something special about them is how you can use the “Sparkle Spheres” as place card holders for a holiday party. Then your guests can take them home to have as a special keepsake from your get together. They can use them as a decorative ornament in their home to remind them of the warm memories at your party.

Christine Lehto's glitter ornament "Sparkle Sphere" article in Stitch Craft Create magazine

Look at how sparkly they are. Don’t you want to get your hands on an issue so you can learn how to make them?

Sparkle Sphere glitter ornaments created by Christine Lehto

Sparkle Sphere glitter ornaments & place card holders

Ralphie with Holiday 2012 issue of Stitch Craft Creat to read glitter oranmetn article

Make your own recycled treasures

I’m about to get up and start my own set of “Sparkle Spheres.” Start saving your empty cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc and you will be ready to make your own special ornaments for the Christmas season as gifts and/or for your party decor. Enjoy!

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