Making the mini soda can labels

Ralphie by watercolor pencilsLast week, I promised you that I would give you an in-depth look at how some of Christine’s magnets needed some extra attention. Today I, Ralphie the Bunny, present to you a look at how Christine created the teeny, tiny labels for her mini soda can magnets. In the photo above you can see that I’m standing next to the materials she used to create the original illustrations for the labels. She used watercolor colored pencils, a waterproof black India ink pen and, of course, last but not least, a sheet of watercolor paper.

Ralphie the bunny with mini scissors and labels for soda cansAfter Christine had her soda can labels drawn, she scanned them into her computer and reduced the size of them to match the size of the soda can resin pieces. Then she arranged as many labels as should onto an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet and printed off a copy. After she had her printed copy, she went to get some color photocopies at a local office supply store. Then she had the tedious task of cutting out all of the labels with a tiny scissors that I am holding in the photo shown above.

Ralphie the bunny peeking by the soda cans work-in-progressHere you can see some of mini soda cans sitting in her studio. After she had the labels cut out and the soda cans painted, she decoupaged the labels onto the painted resin pieces. Once they the decoupaged labels were completely dry, Christine gave them a nice and shiny coat of glaze.

Mini soda cans in the painting and glazing studioAren’t they cute? You can find Christine’s mini soda can magnets listed at her store, Lilly Bug Boutique. They are sold as a set of three magnets and you can pick out which three flavors of soda that you would like in your set. How did you like learning about how the labels were made? Hope you enjoyed it. I will be back next time to give you another inside look into the goings on at Christine’s studio. Please come back to check it out!

Soda can fridge magnets by Lilly Bug Boutique

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