Mystery Build 2012 – part one

Ralphie next to deflated balloon

Mystery Build 2012 Challenge

Mystery Build 2012? What is that? And why am I, Ralphie the Bunny, standing next to a crumpled up, deflated balloon? I will fill you in on all of the details about these “mysteries.” Where do I begin?

The Mystery Build 2012 tin

The Mystery Build Tin

This year Christine decided to participate in a competition where her creativity would be challenged. She loves taking on new creative challenges. In this particular challenge, Christine needed to order a tin that contained a variety of “mystery” art materials. Then she needed to build a piece using only the materials in the kit. She did not have to use every item in the tin, but she could not use additional materials aside from adding paint and/or varnish to the surface of her piece.

Mystery Build 2012 kit contents

Mystery Build tin materials

You can see some of the materials inside of the kit in the photos above. Some of the supplies were wooden dowels in a couple different sizes, one piece of felt, wooden circles, a votive candle, a clothespin, plaster cloth, wooden balls, air dry putty, plaster of paris, air dry clay, a huge rubber band, a cork, etc. The tin itself could be used as part of the piece. Other “supplies” included on the supply list were the rule book and the zip lock baggies that held some of the materials.

Balloon inside of the Mystery Build kit

Balloon inspiration

Another item in the kit was a balloon. Christine decided to use the balloon in her first attempt at making a piece for the challenge. The theme for this year’s challenge is your favorite movie. One of Christine’s favorites is the classic 1971 version of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. She decided to use the balloon to make the memorable “blueberry girl” character, Violet Beauregarde. Christine used the newsprint and school glue from the kit materials to “paper mache” the balloon. Unfortunately the school glue was taking too long to dry. Before Christine was able to get enough layers of paper glued to the balloon, it began to deflate. And that’s why I’m standing next to a deflated, partially covered balloon in the photo at the beginning. What did Christine decide to do as a second attempt? Stay tuned to find out.

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