Painting the resin, Ralphie’s studio tour part 4

Ralphie peeking from behind the resin piecesPsssssst…hello….shhhhhh……..Right now I’m hiding out behind an assortment of work-in-progress hand-painted resin pieces in Christine’s studio. There are a lot of pieces that need to be painted and I wanted to be as quiet as possible so Christine can focus her attention on painting all of the details onto each of her cast and cleaned resin pieces.

Ralphie at painting stationLook at all of the resin pieces: popsicles, soda cans, coffee cups, citrus slices, sunglasses, strawberries, flip flops, inspirational words and more. Did I miss anything?

Ralphie with resin piecesThere are resin pieces as far as my felt bunny eyes can see. Can you spot some of Christine’s other work-in-progress pieces in the photo above? There’s a giraffe sculpture in the background and a couple of writing pens in the foreground. Every spare inch of Christine’s workspace is utilized. It does get a bit crowded in here.

Unpainted and painted resin piecesRemember when all of her pieces were a white color? Now they are being transformed into bright and colorful pieces. This is the part of the process where each piece comes to life and their own unique “personality” emerges. Christine loves this stage in the process. Seeing all of the bright vibrant colors makes her workspace look so cheerful.

Assortment of Christine's magnet piecesHere is a close-up view of some of her pieces being painted. She’s trying to get a few new summer themed pieces to include at her Etsy store, Lilly Bug Boutique.

Ralphie in front of hand-painted magnet piecesChristine took a break from her painting, so I’m able to get another view of her work-in-progress of her painted pieces. It is so much fun to see them in color. Do you have any favorite pieces that she has been working on?

Ralphie the bunny at painting stationWell, I gotta go for now and let Christine get back to finishing her painting without any interruptions. Don’t forget to come back and see more updates from me, Ralphie the Bunny! And if you missed any updates, click on the links below to see all of the exciting things you have missed. Talk to you later!

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