Penguin sculpture – hair salon mascot

Ralphie with hair dresser penguin sculpture before it is painted

Penguin Sculpture – A Hair Salon Mascot

Here’s a penguin sculpture that Christine created for a local hair salon named “Twist n Tease.” In the photo above I, Ralphie the bunny, am standing next to the penguin just prior to it getting coated with gesso as a primer coat. The color of the penguin in the photo is the color of the Apoxie Sculpt that she uses to sculpt her penguins with. Do you know what is under the layer of Apoxie Sculpt? It’s a burned out light bulb that Christine up-cycled into an armature for her penguin sculpture. She has created a variety of sculptures using light bulbs as a way to reuse them.

Ralphie the bunny with penguin sculpture coated with gesso

A “ghost” penguin sculpture

“Boo!” says the ghost penguin. No, it’s not really a ghost right now. It is just coated with gesso to prep the surface for painting. Next Christine will paint the sculpture and bring it to life.

A hairdresser penguin sculpture

“The Penguin Hairdresser”

Now the penguin is painted in living color and full of his very own personality. It looks he is ready to give you a new hair-do. He is armed with his purple hairdryer and trusty can of “Twist n Tease” hairspray. What type of hairstyle are looking for?

Ralphie the bunny and Hair dresser penguin sculpture

Here I am with the hair stylist penguin just before he left for his new home at “Twist n Tease” salon. He will see many hairstyles when he’s at the salon. If only I had hair for him to style, then I could see him again and he could fix my hair. Sigh….what a contradiction to be a “hare” without “hair.” I hope you enjoyed seeing the hairdresser penguin. Don’t forget to stop by for a visit again.

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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  1. Maria Driskill says:

    My future daughter-in-law is a hair stylist. Love the penguin. Is it available and price?

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