Winter snow exploring with Ralphie

Ralphie standing in the snow

Sparkly Winter Snow

Ahhhh….the pretty, sparkly winter snow! About a week ago, we had our first snowfall for the season here in Wisconsin. Christine and I decided to venture outside the day after it snowed to take in the beauty of the snowy scenery in the bright sunshine.

Snow covered branches

Snow Covered Branches

Look at the pretty fluffy white snow covering all of the branches. It was cold outside but the sunshine was starting to melt the winter snow outside. Do you see the drip-drop forming at the tip of one of the branches in the photo collage above?

Winter snowfall on the street

Just look at the glowing sun gleaming from behind the tree! Our exploring the winter snow scene outside has just begun. Take a look to see at what else we found and what else we did while in the “winter wonderland.”

Ralphie playing in the winter snow

Making Snow Angels

I tried to make some snow angels in the freshly fallen snow. In the process I managed to get snowflakes all over my face too. Brrrrrrr……..!!!!

Raphie resting in the snowy scene

Sigh….after making snow angels we went under the deck to rest for awhile. There were some pretty snow covered rocks under the deck. Don’t they look like they are frosted with icing? However, I would not want to take a bite out of those, ouch….that would hurt!

Winter snow & icicles on the trees

Winter Snow Icicles

After our rest under the deck, we continued on with our winter snow exploration. Next, we came across trees filled with icicles. Some of the icicles were forming right before our eyes as we saw them drip, drip, drip from the tips of the trees. It was a pretty sight! Christine tried to observe each and every icicle that she could and tried her best to capture the moment with her camera. Can you spot the photo with an icicle that resembles the Virgin Mary and an ice crystal that looks like a butterfly? One of Christine’s friends on Facebook shared his keen icicle observations and found those images in the ice.

Ralphie the bunny near an icicle

I was going to try to taste one of the icicles, but unfortunately, since I’m made with felt and don’t have a tongue I could not attempt to do it. Also, Christine cautioned me about doing that anyway. We had a fun time exploring and we hope that you enjoyed learning about our adventure in the winter snow! All of that snow has already melted away, but this week we are expecting a big snowstorm on Thursday. Hmmmmm…..maybe we can venture outdoors once again in the snow. As I close this post, I’d like to share one more photo with you that Christine took. She took it while standing under the icicle covered trees. Enjoy!

First winter snow of the season


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