Watercolors of Woodland characters “work-in-progress”

Ralphie next to a stack of Christine's watercolor artwork

A work in progress look at Christine’s Woodland Character Watercolors

Christine’s whimsical woodland character watercolors are the focus of today’s update. And I, Ralphie the Bunny, am here to give you the behind-the-scenes details. I am about to show you a “work-in-progress” look at how Christine creates her whimsical watercolor artwork, such as her cute bunny watercolors and other woodland characters. Also, you will see how her photographs that were taken on a nearby nature trail help inspire her ideas for her artwork. In the photo above you can see me standing next to a large stack of watercolor artwork that Christine has been working on for the last few months.  She’s been trying to start an art coding system to keep track of her artwork including the ones shown here. As you can see from the stack of artwork, she has plenty of watercolors to keep track of. There are others that didn’t make it into the photograph. I digress….from the topic at hand. Let’s begin to show you what you came to see and what I intended to share with you.

Watercolor rose work-in-progress

Painting a rose in watercolors

In this first photo you can see how Christine painted a rose in watercolors. You might also notice a cute little bug character drawn in pencil. This image is taken from a section of one of her watercolors in a floral alphabet series with whimsical characters actively involved on each of the letters. This series was one of Christine’s favorites to work on.

Bunny characters in watercolors

Cute bunny watercolors in progression

In the photo above you can see a series of bunny characters as they were done in watercolors at different stages in the process. You may even recognize the sporty bunny in red in the lower right-hand corner. He was the one featured on the ceramic tile magnet from my last blog update.

Whimsical bug watercolor

A nature trail photograph develops into an idea

Here you can see how Christine sometimes develops her ideas from photographs. In the first section you can see a photograph that Christine took on one of her many bike rides on a nearby nature trail. She finds so much inspiration on the nature trail. There are many nooks and crannies on the trail where her characters live in her imagination. Whenever she finds an inspirational view, she snaps her camera to use for a future reference. In the second section you can see her pencil rendering of a balancing bug that was inspired by her nature trail photograph. Then in the last section, you can see her piece done in watercolors. Hmmmm…..maybe I can see if she will take me on a bike ride this summer. Then I can explore and find spots where her characters hang out.

Lilly the Ladybug wandering under lilies

A lily photograph inspires Christine

Last but not least, here is a look at a new piece featuring Christine’s “alter-ego” Lilly the Ladybug. In the first section you can see the photo of some bright orange lilies that Christine once spotted along the trail. This photo served as inspiration for a watercolor of Lilly the Ladybug wandering under a patch of lilies. Christine experiences such delight whenever she finds hidden gems along the trail and as you can see her findings have served her well in creating her watercolors. We hope that you enjoyed seeing how Christine develops her watercolors from beginning to end.

About christine

A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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4 Responses to Watercolors of Woodland characters “work-in-progress”

  1. Patty says:

    This was very interesting. I love how you can take pictures on the nature trail and formulate them into neat pictures. You have some great ideas. Talent + I tell my friends how talented you are. Good luck with all your water colors. Patty

  2. Mary Schabel says:

    Hi Chrissy,
    This was marvelous to read and look at. What a joy to see God’s creativity in you blossom through your work. Your work is lovely and whimsical I really enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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