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Ralphie getting art walk pics ready for the blog update

Art Walk Overview by Ralphie the Bunny

The life of a bunny blog reporter is such a busy one! As you can see from the photo above, I was getting the photos ready for this blog update. Today I’m going to share with you Christine’s experience of exhibiting at a few local art walks from last year. She participated in three art walks in 2012. On every third Friday of the month there is a “Tour the Town” Art Walk in downtown Fond du Lac. A variety of participating businesses open their doors and welcome artists to display and sell their items from 5pm-8pm. You can learn more about the “Tour the Town” art walks at their website.

Christine's table at the October "Tour the Town" Art Walk

Christine’s First Art Walk – October 2012

The first art walk that Christine attended was in October at the Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac. At that time the Children’s Museum was located in the building of the Windover Center for the Arts. The photo above shows the table display of her pieces including sculptures made with recycled bottles and burned out light bulbs. Christine apologizes for the poor photo quality. She didn’t bring her camera along so she was stuck using the camera on her phone. Unfortunately, it was a slow night for art walk traffic at the Children’s Museum, but a busy night for the pajama party at the museum that evening. Christine enjoyed seeing all of the cute kids dressed in their fuzzy PJs and slippers. It helped the time go by on a dark, cold autumn evening. She met some friendly people that passed by and decided to look at her artwork and to visit.

Christine with her display at the "Tour the Town" Art Walk in November 2012

Christine’s Second Art Walk – November 2012

The next art walk that Christine went to was in November at a cute shop called As You Wish. This art walk was busier than the one in October. Plus, there were 4 other vendors selling their items that evening at As You Wish. There was a local children’s book author, Emily Waisanen, directly across from where Christine had her table. She wrote a delightful book titled, “The Book Monster.” Emily was signing copies of her book during the art walk. To learn more about Emily and her book please visit her Facebook page,¬†Emily Waisanen Author.¬†During lulls in people traffic, Christine and Emily chatted. Christine learned about how Emily had her book published.

Emily Waisanen at her book signing table at the "Tour the Town" Art Walk

Here’s a photo of Emily at her book signing table.

Front window display at "As You Wish" in downtown Fond du Lac

Look at the cute front window display at “As You Wish.”

Nicci Martin at the December 2012 "Tour the Town" Art Walk

Christine’s Third Art Walk – December 2012

The last art walk that Christine attended was in December at the Gallery & Frame Shop. There was a big snowstorm the day before the art walk which may have kept people from venturing out the following evening for the art walk. It was a slow night, but Christine met some nice people there. The photo above is of artist, Nicci Martin, and her artwork display. She creates wonderfully detailed hand-painted pieces on wood and other media.

Christine at the Gallery & Frame shop in downtown Fond du LacThere’s Christine at her table with her fridge magnets, recycled light bulb sculptures, etc. This year Christine has taken a break from doing the art walks, but she plans on doing them again after this cold, long winter in Wisconsin is over with.

"The Book Monster" by Emily Waisanen

Book Monster Giveaway Begins on March 4th!

Before I end this update, I want to give you a “head’s up” about my next update, which will be on March 4th. I will be doing a book review of “The Book Monster” and in that post you can enter to win a copy of Emily’s book. Don’t miss it!

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