New Home Ornaments

Polymer Clay House ornament

Handmade New Home Ornaments

Hello! Today’s topic is about customized new home ornaments. When Christine worked at a Hallmark store she created a handful of house ornaments to give as gifts for family members and a few pieces for one of her co-workers to give as gifts. Above I am posed with an ornament resembling Christine’s parent’s house.

Polymer Clay House Christmas ornaments

New Home Ornaments for Christine’s Sisters

The polymer clay houses shown above were created for her sisters when they moved into their new houses. She added the house number of their new homes and she included the date they moved on the back of the ornament.

Polymer Clay House Christmas ornaments

House ornaments for Christine’s Co-Worker & Her Parents

These houses were a few created for one of Christine’s co-workers. She made an ornament of her co-worker’s own house, one of her co-worker’s brother’s house and another of her co-worker’s parent’s house. Then Christine also created two ornaments of her parent’s house which is also the ornament I’m posing with at the beginning of this blog post.

Work in progress photos of new home ornament

A New Home Ornament created in New Materials

After creating those new home ornaments with polymer clay, Christine took a break from making house ornaments. Then two years ago Christine decided to create a new home ornament for her long-distance friend Caroline. This time Christine did not use polymer clay. As you can see in the step-by-step photos above, she used layers of cereal box material cut out in pieces to resemble the architecture of Caroline’s house. Then she applied a thin layer of Apoxie Sculpt to the cereal box surface. Once the Apoxie layer was finished, she coated the surface with gesso.

Work in progress photos of new home ornament

Adding Acrylic Paint & Texture

Next the fun began as Christine was able to add color with acrylic paints. In the last photo you can see a wreath, garland and a snowman in white. She used a textured medium called “Snow-Tex” to create those.

Step by step look at creating a handmade new home ornament

New home photo, sketches and finished ornament

Here you can see the photo of Caroline’s house that Christine used a reference to create the sketches and cut out pattern pieces for the new home ornament. And you can see the completed ornament.

Handmade New Home ornament

A new home ornament complete with a new glittery “snowfall”

Christine also added Snow-Tex to the peaks on the roof and to the base of the house. You might have also noticed that she painted the Snow-Tex garland and the wreath green. As a finishing touch she added a coat of sparkly glitter to the snowy surfaces and to the garland and wreath. The only other item left to add was the beaded hanger to display the ornament with.

Caroline's New Home ornament in gift box

An Embellished Gift Box for the New Home Ornament

After Caroline’s new home ornament was completed, Christine embellished a gift box to present the ornament in. She added “handmade for you” in puffy paint, some epoxy stickers and finished it off with yes, glitter!

Caroline with her new house ornament

The Ornament on Caroline’s Christmas Tree

When Christine mailed Caroline’s gift to her she asked Caroline to take a photo with her new home ornament. Here you can see Caroline pointing to the ornament hanging on her Christmas tree.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how Christine created her handmade, customized ornaments. I will chat with you later in cyber-land.



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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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7 Responses to New Home Ornaments

  1. cory chiodini says:

    do you still make these ornaments?

    • christine says:

      I apologize for not seeing your comment until today. Yes, I still make new home ornaments. If you are interested please contact me at lillybugartgirl [at]

  2. Deborah Saylor says:

    Do you still make the home ornaments and if so, do you sell them? They are wonderful and would love to have some made.

    Thanks very much!


    • christine says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.

      Yes, I do still make new home ornaments. I will send you an email with ordering details.


  3. Jenna Dernay says:

    Hi Christine,

    I would love to get a new home ornament made. Could you please send me details on how to order along with pricing?


    – Jenna

    • christine says:

      I’m sorry that I did not see your comment until now. The spam filter was not working at my website and I had to go through over 400 messages from the last 2 months. I sent you an email with ordering information if you are still interested in ordering an ornament.

  4. Melissa Chambers says:

    Can you tell me the price of the handmade ornaments and if I would receive them by Christmas. Both of my sons just purchased new homes and I was looking for a special ornament.

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