About Lilly Bug Studio

Where did the name Lilly Bug come from? The story behind the name began while I was attending college. During this time I created a series of watercolors for a story about a ladybug named Lilly and her friends. This is when and where my storybook characters took shape and blossomed into a variety of subjects for my work. Lilly and her friends provided me with plenty of inspiration to create pieces in a variety of media. Using them as my subjects brought many joyful moments of creativity. One example of a piece inspired by Lilly, is the oil painting shown here. In a painting class, I had to do a double self-portrait. I decided to portray how a “real” ladybug sitting on my shoulder turns into my “Lilly the Ladybug” character through my imagination.

Christine & Lilly oil painting

The following storyline, shows how creating art has always been a big part of my life and again, Lilly is included as part of the story. The end of the storyline features a drawing of Lilly and a sketch resembling the sculpture I made of her sitting on the leaf of a flower. It only seemed natural to name my studio “Lilly Bug,” since she has been the inspiration behind much of my work as well as being my alter ego. Both Lilly and I hope you enjoy the work of Lilly Bug Studio and discover, “the wonder of new things.”

The Story of Christine Lehto