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Handmade Christmas ornaments

Christmas in July Handmade Christmas ornaments? Yes, once again it is “Christmas in July.” It’s me, Ralphie the Bunny, to share with you the Christmas ornaments that Christine recently created. Go figure that a pink bunny would be talking about … Continue reading

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Purse Magnets created with wood

Purse Magnets made in wood Hello everyone! It’s me, Ralphie the Bunny and I’m back to show you how Christine made her purse magnets. In the photo below you can see the finished product. Aren’t they cute? Don’t you want … Continue reading

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Penguin sculptures – Ballerina and Pom Pom penguins

A close-up look at Christine’s ballerina and pom pom penguin sculptures Today I’m going to share with you how Christine created some ballerina and pom pom penguin sculptures. When Christine was working on the penguins, she needed to drill some … Continue reading

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Birthday cake magnets & giveaway

Birthday Cake Magnets & Giveaway News Birthday cake magnets? I do have some news about birthday cake magnets and other goodies! Today it’s Christine’s birthday and I have some giveaway news to share with you. Before I reveal the news … Continue reading

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Art Walks from 2012

Art Walk Overview by Ralphie the Bunny The life of a bunny blog reporter is such a busy one! As you can see from the photo above, I was getting the photos ready for this blog update. Today I’m going … Continue reading

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New Home Ornaments

Handmade New Home Ornaments Hello! Today’s topic is about customized new home ornaments. When Christine worked at a Hallmark store she created a handful of house ornaments to give as gifts for family members and a few pieces for one … Continue reading

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Fridge Magnets – Retro Phone & Happy Sun

Ralphie Shares New Fridge Magnet Designs Hey, it’s me Ralphie wearing a “happy face”! I’m here to show you some brand new ┬ámagnet designs created by Christine. They are cute and clever fridge magnets that I’m sure you will enjoy. … Continue reading

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Giraffe sculpture Work in Progress

A spotted look at Christine’s Giraffe Sculpture A giraffe sculpture created by Christine! Hello folks, it’s long overdue for an update from Christine’s studio. This last Christmas season, Christine sculpted this fine giraffe sculpture for a friend to give to … Continue reading

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Penguin sculpture – hair salon mascot

Penguin Sculpture – A Hair Salon Mascot Here’s a penguin sculpture that Christine created for a local hair salon named “Twist n Tease.” In the photo above I, Ralphie the bunny, am standing next to the penguin just prior to … Continue reading

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Glitter ornaments in Holiday 2012 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine

Glitter ornaments in Stitch Craft Create magazine Ralphie the Bunny here. I’m busy reading an article in a craft magazine. It’s an article that Christine wrote for Stitch Craft Create. Her glitter ornaments, “Sparkle Spheres,” are featured on p. 54 … Continue reading

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