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Hello! I am Christine Lehto, creator of Lilly Bug Studio. My artwork encompasses the bright playful colors and images of childhood. In my work I strive to convey the simple joys and wonderment of a child discovering new things. It first began with drawings and watercolors of my storybook characters and then grew to emerge into hand-painted 3-D sculptures of my characters coming to life. It’s difficult to decide which I enjoy more, creating watercolors of my work or sculptures of my work. Working in watercolors is such a calming, therapeutic experience. However, I enjoy pushing the limits of working in sculpture form using my favorite medium, Apoxie Sculpt. My determination and imagination drive me to create my characters in any medium. And my hope is that my artwork will evoke a sense of wonder to those who view my work and bring glimpses of happiness.

Please see the samples in the slide show on this page to view a sampling of the artwork in my portfolio.

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Cute Watercolor Art Prints

Cute and functional art for kids and the young at heart

The photograph below is taken of an assortment of my characters celebrating a birthday with their friend, Lilly the Ladybug.

Celebrate sculpture scene


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