Summertime treats

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Since it is the middle of summer, I decided to share with you some sites featuring summertime treats and show you some of my summertime treat magnets.

Confetti ice cream pops & jewel pop

At the “Taste of Home” website, they have some scrumptious looking frozen treat recipes, such as “Confetti Ice Cream Pops”, “Frozen Strawberry Peach Pops”, and “Plum Smoothie Pops.” They also have a brief history of the Popsicle. And they have some photos of some awesome and unique frozen pop molds to make your own homemade treats with. One of my favorite ice pop molds at the site, is the jewel pop mold shown in the photo above. How cute is that?

Sundae, ice cream cone and popsicle handmade magnetsAnother great place to visit if you’re looking for some frozen treat recipes is “Spark Recipes.” They have a creamsicle dessert recipe that sounds yummy! Here’s a fantastic site for simple and healthier recipes for kids treats. At this site you can learn how to make easy pudding pops, yogurt pops and more.

Ice cream cone and ice cream truck handmade magnetsIf you aren’t in the mood for making a frozen treat, you can always stop by my Etsy store to see some treats that are calorie-free. The photos above show some of the sweet treat themed handmade magnets that I create.

Hope you had a tasty and inspiring time visiting my blog today! One question before you go……What was your favorite summertime treat when you were a kid? Mine was “Push-Ups.” I loved pushing up the orange sherbet in that brightly spotted tube. It was like a toy and a snack all bundled together!

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