Craft home decor – Cake and embossed squares

Ralphie with items used to make craft home decor

 Craft Home Decor Items

Craft home decor items are on topic today. As you can see from the photo above, I’m posing with a cute cake ornament and the two main craft supplies that were used to make the cake. The last few days Christine has been trying out some new craft items in her studio. Today’s discussion will be about working with a couple of craft products made by DecoArt, the Craft Twinkles Writer in the Crystal color and Dimensional Effects.

Embossed magnet squares - craft home decor

Add some texture to your home decor crafts

You can use Dimensional Effects to create texture and dimension on the surface of your craft project. To create the craft home decor items shown above, Christine used some cut out layered squares made with cereal box material. She applied the Dimensional Effects with a wooden craft stick to the squares. Then she allowed it to set for about 30 minutes. After it slightly dried, she used some decorative stamps to impress into the textural paste. When she had the impressions completed, she allowed them to dry overnight.

Ralphie holding embossed decorative squares

   A Glittery Edge to Craft Home Decor Pieces

When the Dimensional Effects was completely dry, Christine painted the surface of each square with acrylic paints. To accentuate the impressions and texture created on the surface, Christine applied a thin watery coat of paint and used an old cloth to rub off the second color over the raised areas. Then to finish off the edges, she added some sparkle with the Craft Twinkles Writer in the Crystal color. Once all of the painting and embellishing is done, you can glue a magnet to the back and use them as decorative fridge magnets.

Cake ornament - craft home decor

Create a frosting texture

Another craft home decor piece that Christine created was this layered festive cake ornament. Again, she used layered cereal box material as her base. Then she used Dimensional Effects to create a textured frosting surface for the cake. After a thick “frosted” layer was applied, Christine added some colored pearl embellishments to decorate the cake. Since the frosted surface was thicker than the surface on the decorative squares, it took a longer amount of time to dry. It also formed cracks in some spots as it was drying. Christine used an old paintbrush to brush in some extra Dimensional Effects over the cracked areas. Once the cracks were filled in, she used some paint from Twinkles Writer to brush over the surface of the frosting on one side of the ornament. On the reverse side, she used the Twinkles on the cake platter. How do you like the craft home decor pieces that Christine made? We both hope that you enjoyed learning about these craft products and that it has inspired your own craftiness. Please stop by again for a visit!

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A watercolor and sculpture artist and avid crafter/designer. Working creatively with my hands is what gives me joy and contentment and makes me want to get up in the morning.
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  1. Very nice! Although, everything you make is extra nice. Enjoy! Patty

  2. Looking good. You have talent unlimited!

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