Nature trail scenery 1st ride

Nature trail scenery begins in the smallest of ways

Nature trail scenery is slowly beginning to emerge on the trail near Christine. Yesterday on May 1st, she ventured on her first ride of 2013! After a long and brutal Winter in Wisconsin, the day to ride on the trail finally arrived. You can see how bleak the trail looks behind me in the following photo. Nonetheless, there is some green fighting it’s way into the nature trail scenery. You can see the green grass making its entrance to the great outdoors. And if you begin to look very closely there are green buds waiting to burst open any day.

Ralphie near the bridge on the nature trail

Unfortunate tree damage

About two weeks ago there was a terrible ice storm that covered everything outside. Due to the heavy coat of ice and the winds, many tree limbs in the area were severely damaged. As Christine rode along the trail, she noticed some trees with large branches that snapped.  It is such a sad sight to see damaged trees.

Ralphie standing on broken branch

Ralphie the Bunny’s Advice

As I mentioned if you keep your eyes open and look for the “green”, you will find it in some small almost unnoticeable packages. For instance, Christine saw these pretty green buds behind one of the benches along the trail. If you don’t stop to take notice at these things, they can remain hidden practically right under your nose. My advice is to slow down and look for the good, hard-to-find treasures all around you.

Buds on branches - nature trail scenery

A damaged tree stands in the way

Christine wanted to take in more of the nature trail scenery but one thing prevented her from continuing on her venture. There was a huge tree branch laying across the entire width of the trail. That meant that Christine’s trip was shorter than she had planned.

Broken tree branches over the nature trail scenery

The tree bark is drying

Even though her riding plans were altered, Christine still found some nature trail musings while riding yesterday. One thing that caught her curiosity was this piece of tree bark draped over a tree branch. It looks as though someone hung the piece of bark to dry on the branch like a piece of laundry drying on a clothesline.  Who knew that you could hang bark out to dry?

Hanging tree bark on branch - nature trail scenery

Bicycle Bumper Stickers?

If Christine could place a bumper sticker on her bicycle it would read, “I brake for the details” or “I brake for the unnoticed.” She found some little details to “brake” for on her way home. As she was riding, a couple of little bright green spots beckoned to her from the corner of her eye. Slam! Her brakes were applied and she went to the spot where she noticed these tiny green gems. Such cute and bright little buds saying “hello” to anyone who stops to listen. On many of her previous bike rides, there have been a great number of times when Christine’s brakes are on, stopping to catch the small practically unnoticed treasures along the trail. The next time she’s out on the trail she hopes that the damaged tree branch is removed from the trail so she can explore further. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s discussion. This is “Ralphie the Bunny” signing off for today. Take care and see you next time in the blogosphere.

Nature trail scenery - buds growing

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  1. Cute little article! Good job “Ralphie!” Keep helping Christine.
    I know she appreciates you! Patty

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